Sex, dating, clothes, relationships, politics, sex, women—men have opinions about all of these things. And yet, there’s nowhere on the internet where you can go to read them. That changes today. Welcome to The Cuck, a pop-up, bespoke men’s site, for men.

The Cuck is a site dedicated to exploring modern masculinity in all its myriad forms, and over the next few days or until it is apparent that we have not been able to attract a really loaded sponsor (P&G please call us back), you’ll hear from some of the most thoughtful men—and non-men—working in media (Gawker Media, specifically) today.

What differentiates The Cuck from all those other men’s interest sites out there? We like to think it’s our emphasis on not being Bad. Unlike other men’s interest sites, The Cuck will not write about watches—unless there is a really good watch we want to write about, obviously, in which case, we’ll do a post about watches. There won’t be any gross, objectifying stories about female celebrities, either—just stories that celebrate them for saying smart things in interviews or appearing in Paul Feig movies, that also might occasionally mention how they look, in a complimentary way.

But mostly, lots and lots of personal essays, which women have really cornered the market on lately, have you noticed? It seems like it’s about time for some men to also do those!

Basically, imagine if there were a Gawker for women. Then, imagine a version of that, but for men. That’s The Cuck. Welcome. We hope you enjoy yourself, especially if you are in charge of marketing at, say, Diageo.