Thanks to This Laundry Detergent for Men, I Will Finally Be Able to Do Laundry

Andy Cush · 08/15/16 12:45PM

Imagine my plight: I, a full-grown American male, would like nothing better than to do my own laundry. But where is the detergent for me? Everywhere, the scents are flowery meadow this, springtime seabreeze that. Finally, a new contender emerges—FREY enters the fray—and I am liberated at last.

An Incredible Idea For A Wedding: Bagpipes

Rom Romberts · 08/12/16 02:40PM

You’ve found your pillow partner. Your forever friend. The person you want to share a Hyundai with for the rest of your life. Why not make the ceremony that joins you in an unbreakable flesh bond somewhat memorable and good?

Incest Was Really Having a Moment In 2015

A Former Gawker Staffer · 08/12/16 12:45PM

It’s 2015 and sticking your face in another person’s butthole for mutual pleasure is maybe surprising but not really that shocking. Booty eating is mainstream HBO fodder. But like nature hates vacuums, we need sexual extremes to orient ourselves, and the 2015 It Taboo might as well be incest.

"Gepetto-ing" Is The New "Benching"

Rom Romberts · 08/10/16 03:59PM

If you are like me, a lonely artisan in the big city who makes crude wooden toys for a living, then all the modern trappings of dating—the break-up, “ghosting,” “benching,” Tindr, etc.—just don’t seem to cut it anymore.